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The Classic Snap - Black Bridle
The Classic Snap - Black Bridle
The Classic Snap - Black Bridle

The Classic Snap - Black Bridle

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Our patented belt expands the waist of your jeans—allowing you to wear jeans that are up to one size smaller! 

Most waistlines fluctuate from time to time, and weight typically goes to the midsection with age. This means that we either try to squeeze into jeans that don't fit (no thank you!) or let our favorite denims languish in the back of the closet (what a waste!). With Behind the Buckle's patented expandable belt design, you can wear the jeans you love - instantly - with total comfort and discretion.

The Snap Belt is perfect if you tend to wear a pullover or shirt over your jeans, as the belt is flat with no buckle. For jeans that just need room at the button, your shirt can also be tucked in with this belt.

Each belt is made from the finest quality leather and features stylish stud-like snaps that offer adjustable sizing.  A hidden extender, sewn on the inside, expands the waist of your jeans. 

  • Made in the USA with 100% bridle leather 
  • Strong, durable construction 
  • Two-hole extender inside
  • Stylish, stud-like snap buttons
  • Unique design offers adjustable sizing


Men’s belts are traditionally purchased one size larger than your jeans size. Lynn Taylor Belts are no different. The difference with our belts is that you can fit into jeans that are up to one size smaller at the waist.

For example, if you normally wear size 34 jeans, buy a size 36 Lynn Taylor belt. Thanks to the handy extender, you'll then be able to wear jeans that are size 32!