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Our patented belt is so easy to use, but it took founder and designer Lynn Taylor three years to perfect. The end result is the first fashionable, patented belt — with a hidden waist adjuster that expands and contracts the waist of your tight and loose jeans — making them renewable and eco-friendly!

Lynn thought it was crazy not to wear your jeans when they're temporarily one to inches inch too snug or loose at the waist! She knew the struggle — you spend money on jeans you love, only to have your weight or body shape fluctuate and have them not fit properly! She also felt that giving renewed life to jeans and pants at the last couple inches of closure — would feel good at another level. It would be a logical way to avoid waste, promoting sustainability and social responsibility.

So, Lynn found a common-sense, but carefully-engineered comfort solution to hide the “open gap” for jeans that are tight — and tighten jeans that have “too much slack” at the waist. The patented belt is worn counterclockwise to add more width to the waist — and clockwise to tighten the waist of your jeans and pants. This is all achieved with the help of a removable, magical waist adjuster, which offers comfort, flexibility … and a more ethical approach to one’s wardrobe.

It took Lynn many prototypes and revisions to get the extender positioned in just the right place, while also providing maximum comfort and discretion.


First and Only Belt of its Kind Today

No other product on the market other than Behind the Buckle expands and contracts the waist of your jeans via a fashion belt. Jeans have been around for 150 years. But the “last mile” has always been a struggle when people experience minor, normal weight fluctuations. So, people relegated their snug jeans and pants to the back of the closet or gave them away.

Something needed to change. Lynn rolled up her sleeves and learned how to skive leather, sew, punch holes in leather and apply snaps until she invented a product that worked. “The idea that people could instantly, securely and comfortably wear those jeans that otherwise went unworn — supporting sustainability — was so exciting to me.” Lynn says. “Plus, the belts look great — you’ll want to wear them even when you do fit into your jeans.”

What we wear often defines how we feel. Feeling comfortable in your clothes is empowering. And beyond helping people feel great each day, the bigger mission at Behind the Buckle is we want you to feel great about what you’re doing for the planet ... and future generations.

Interchangeable Buckles

With an eye towards sustainability, we have made sure that you can interchange our buckles within each style category on Behind the Buckle belts. For example, all our Equestrian belt buckles are interchangeable with each other, with the exception of our Woven Western. All our rectangular buckles are interchangeable within that category, and our oval ones are within their group, too.

If you want to go wild with this, you can actually swap out your Rectangle style buckle belts with the Equestrian, as well. But you’ll need to keep the Equestrian buckle loop (or “keeper”) once your remove it. That’s because the rectangular ones don’t require a loop. We don’t sell the loops separately.

Here’s a handy YouTube video on how to swap out a buckle. Be sure to use both thumbs and press down hard, as snaps are meant to be sturdy, especially in the beginning until they’re worked in a bit. If you have any questions, you can always contact us. So have fun mixing and matching!

Lynn is a bestselling author and widely quoted workplace expert. She's been an entrepreneurial consultant and was the top marketing executive for a Fortune 500 Silicon Valley firm for 12 years before launching Behind the Buckle.