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Interchangeable Buckles

With an eye towards sustainability, we’ve made sure you can interchange our buckles within each style category of Behind the Buckle belts, with the purchase of two or more belts. For example, all our Rectangular, Oval and Equestrian belt buckles are interchangeable within their group. Some finer points! 

  • You can actually swap a Rectangular buckle with an Equestrian buckle too! Just be sure to keep your belt loop (or “keeper”) in a safe place, as it's not needed with the Rectangular buckle. 
  • With the exception of swapping a Rectangular buckle with an Equestrian buckle, all other styles are not interchangeable outside their group, e.g., Oval to Equestrian style.
  • Belt loops are not sold separately.
  • Buckles are not sold separately.

Here’s a handy YouTube video on how to swap out a buckle. Use both thumbs and press down hard, as snaps are meant to be sturdy, especially in the beginning until they’re worked in. Questions? Call or write us. 

Now, mix, match … and sustain your belts!