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How Our Snap Belt Works

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What's Behind The Buckle?

A patented hidden extender lets you fit into snug jeans in 4 easy steps

Lynn Taylor Belt, inserted through belt loop


Put strap in first loop counterclockwise. Put extender button in jeans hole, with upward motion.

Lynn Taylor Belt with jeans inserted into extender


Put jeans button in extender hole, with downward motion

Lynn Taylor Belt, insert extender into jeans buttonhole


Loop strap around and choose tighter or looser snap setting.

Lynn Taylor Belt, buckled on woman


Close snaps and enjoy!

Sample image

The Original Jeans-Expanding Belt

The Behind The Buckle™ expandable belt gets rid of:

  • Struggling to button your jeans
  • Being at the mercy of normal weight fluctuations
  • Wasted money buying larger-sized jeans
  • Feeling embarrassed
What Our Customers Are Saying

Tamera M.

"I feel so much happier now that I can wear all the jeans in my closet!"

Mike J.

"Having some give in my waist makes me more relaxed and comfortable. Game changer!"

Liz L.

"I hated not being able to wear my favorite jeans after having a baby. And now I can!"

Hear From People Like You

Hear From Men Like You

Our patented jeans-expanding belt gives you an extra 1-2 inches in your waist

With this brand new extender belt, you are no longer limited by the one buttonhole your jeans come with. Now you have the option of expanding the waist size of your jeans by buttoning your jeans to this belt. 

You can instantly wear your favorite jeans again! Completely secure and absolutely gorgeous!

Pick from many stylish options

- Genuine leather (or vegan leather!)
- Beautiful designs
- Fashionable, durable buckles
- Many styles to choose from

Still wishing your jeans fit?

Here's a secret—if you want your jeans to fit, you have to do something different.

We help you fit into your favorite jeans again

With the Behind The Buckle belt, you can fit into jeans up to one size too small.

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