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Behind the Buckle Belt Provides a Boost

by Lynn Taylor

Your New Year’s fitness resolution probably was to lose those extra holiday inches by Valentine’s Day. Great idea to be fit and fabulous by the 14th, but sometimes those resolutions take longer than planned. It’s all okay, we’re only human…and Valentine’s Day is also about loving yourself! 

With all the diets and weight loss programs out there from Keto to colonics, it can be overwhelming. Sticking to a program 24/7 can be daunting. So it’s helpful to be mindful of a few simple make-your-life-easy tips while you’re getting fit:

  • Eat Clean: Yes, health food stores can be filled with endless supplements and junk food. Just because corn chips or chocolate bars have the word “Organic” or “Natural” shouldn’t be the excuse to buy them. Be judicious with your food shopping and go for fresh, non-processed foods. While you’re shopping say to yourself, “I want to get lean, so I’ll eat clean.” 
  • Walk More: It’s great to find the parking space directly across from the mall doors, but a better idea is to park farther away and walk. Walking is one of the best ways to painlessly trim your waist and boosts your mental health. Also, the more you can get away from the mall and out in nature to take a stroll the better for both mental and physical health. 
  • Get Up From the Computer at Regular Intervals: A masseuse once told me “work is fattening.” I never forgot it, because in high doses, it is!  Sitting all the time can make you gain weight or undo any benefits of an exercise routine. Another benefit of a stretch break … studies have found that taking a break from your computer can help you focus. 
  • Look Great While Losing Weight: Did you know there’s psychology behind looking good? Clothes can affect your emotions. Look grungy, act grungy. Look great and your self-confidence soars. Even athletes have found that they perform better in their new team jerseys than in their practice sweats. Corporations such as United Airlines have a look good feel and feel good policy.

To help you along the way to fabulousness? A Behind the Buckle belt, of course. There is nothing that makes you look so pulled together than this belt. It has the added benefit of helping you get into those too tight jeans in seconds. It has a hidden, removable extender (“behind the buckle,” of course)—that’s now patented. This discreet extender gives you up to two inches of added room at the waist. And that gives you a needed psychologist boost, as you gradually approach your goal weight. 

Even if you haven’t lost the holiday inches by February 14th —you’ll still look smashing with your beautifully belted look. To make you feel really good, first time buyers get a 10% discount. Try it out

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day approaching, and it’s all happening in a new year and new decade! So, love yourself, take care of you… and start feeling great!

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