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Jeans have pounced lately on their once formidable rival in a woman’s closet— athleisure and leggings. And dare I say, “that’s no stretch!” Long a mainstay in the wardrobe of any woman or man, jeans and denims have made their rightful comeback, in all forms, styles and colors. You can’t walk a city block without seeing denim jeans, jackets, skirts, shorts or dresses — in all shades. 

Why is this shift happening? Because people are returning to the classic look of jeans. It’s often difficult to wear leggings to a restaurant or the office, but you can with jeans. If the jeans are comfortable, you can wear them all day. With stretchier fabrics and the Lynn Taylor belt (and its patent pending extender behind the buckle) — jeans have become a more versatile alternative to athleisure.

Add to this the trend back to denims, a trend toward vintage clothes and the resurgence in Western style boots and Equestrian belts…and it’s no wonder everything traditional and smart-looking stands the test of time. 

How Did Denim Become So Divine?

How denim regained the throne in the wardrobe hierarchy is easy to understand. They’re more comfortable today than ever before, yet still tough and durable. With so many styles, cuts and colors, jeans also give women and men more options to dress up or down. 

We can dress them up by wearing an elegant blouse and jewelry or dress them down with sneakers or boots and a sports shirt. Or go minimalist like the always-stylish Beyoncé, who wore a pair of cutoff shorts for her headline performance at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in April.

No one is too worried about the shape or form of their jeans, as long as they’re comfortable: length: (cropped, boot cut and flared); width (skinny, stretchy and loose); or dressiness (sparkly or ripped). The non-gendered, individuality of jeans invites inclusion, connection, yet uniqueness – which appeals to today’s need for self-expression.   

Speaking of comfort, we can also wear our standby favorite jeans with the stylish, original jeans-expanding Lynn Taylor belt. The belt creates comfort that jeans have quite never known, thanks to its secret, patent pending extender design behind the buckle. Finally, a “jeans are too tight” solution that is not only actually sane, but classically beautiful. 

The Work Appeal of Jeans Today

These days jeans go to the office, too. According to a ShopSmart report ,“ more than half (58%) of all women who work full-time wear jeans to work. Of those who wear their blues to work, over a quarter of women (27%) wear jeans to the office just about every day.” 

As employers compete for talent in a tight labor market, especially when there’s tough competition for high tech workers from areas like Silicon Valley notorious for its casual dress — jeans at work are here to stay. Jeans are being worn at every corner of the org chart, too. (Good thing too, because who wants to see their boss in leggings?)

Even fashion-conscious executives (including those from leading investment and CPA firms) have joined the jeans bandwagon. Of course, they accessorize their jeans with a belts, and stylish shoes and cool socks. 

Today, a classic look today for both genders who demand a little sophistication is: dark jeans, a blazer and pocket square (yes, even for women!), a white, cotton collared shirt, and a gorgeous belt.

From Athleisure to a More Sophisticated Look

Yes, jeans now have a “leg up” on leggings and the athleisure market; as the latter has slowed, according to a report by NPD Group in Retail Dive. 

But the athleisure phenomenon was an important lesson for the fashion industry. People want more comfort in their casual wear, but not at the expense of versatility. You can’t wear leggings into the evening in too many places. You usually can with jeans, as long as they’re comfortable.

That’s why Lynn Taylor Belts are the perfect elegant accessory to a jeans collection. The expander feature is removable, but when worn, it gives you two options that afford you two inches of additional room at the waist — all secretly behind the buckle.

Loving Our New Belted Jeans

According to ShopSmart, women own an average of seven pairs of jeans, and wear four of them on a regular basis. According to a men’s style blog, guys should also have a minimum of four pairs of jeans, in different styles and colors. Jeans have been a of wardrobe staple for 170 years; they’re timeless. 

Those fav jeans may have been sequestered in the back of the closet because everyone struggles at times with squeezing into them — but people rarely give up the fight. In fact, a significant number of people buy jeans a little too snug with the plan of losing a few pounds, which is where a jeans-expanding belt is your handy facilitator.

Now, thanks to Lynn Taylor versatile belts that come with an extender, no matter how many jeans were neglected in the past – you can get in them instantly, in comfort and style.  It’s like going on new jeans shopping spree no further than your own closet. 

So put aside the leggings for now, and walk over to your “new” belted jeans.

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