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Have your jeans’ buttons socially distanced lately? Are your favorite pairs quarantined in the back of your closet because they no longer fit? It’s not just us who are ready to leave lockdown; our jeans are, too!

Hard to believe, but the solution is the first patented belt in the history of belts (or jeans for that matter) — that actually expands the waist of your jeans instantly by one to two inches — with a hidden, removable extender behind the belt buckle.


Behind The Buckle - How To

As most of us have been sequestered recently, it's been tough to remain fit. We haven’t been running off to work, doing errands and staying as active. The added stress has also made it easy to run to the fridge for solace and that extra bite.

It's challenging times like this (who knew how challenging?) that can affect our spirit, and our waistlines. Staying motivated during this transitional time is important to our well-being. And empowerment is exactly what drove the design of Behind the Buckle belts.

It’s easy to let healthy eating habits slip during crises or just daily life. And while it’s normal for waistlines to fluctuate, most pant fabrics are not that forgiving. That’s why a little help and comfort at your jeans’ waist is so welcome. Both women and men experience shifting waistlines. But until now, there’s never been a stylish, discreet way to expand the waist of any pair of pants or jeans.


Solution to Jeans Comfort, Post-Quarantine 

If you're finally fed up with wearing yoga or sweatpants for the last month — but have experienced the “jeans jolt” lately, where your buttons have distanced excessively, Behind the Buckle is your friend. This patented, beautiful belt features a wide range of high-quality leathers and buckles. And if you wear your top over your jeans, the Snap Belt may be your choice, with its flat, buckleless style.


Leveraging Your Jeans Wardrobe

You may be like many who need to leverage your wardrobe dollars right now. You’ve invested hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars in your tight jeans that are sheltered in place — in your own closet! But now you can go on a jeans shopping spree in your own home, by buying a stylish extender belt.

Here’s to taking your jeans and yourself out of lockdown in style … and leaping into spring.

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