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The global pandemic turned the world upside down … and in the process, it has made a lasting impact. Remote work, hygiene practices, shopping habits and many other facets of life may be forever changed. But did COVID-19 just change clothing and accessory design, too?

When in history did most of the world ever find themselves in comfortable clothes 24/7 — for over two and a half months? Never.

The ramifications for seeing more emphasis on comfortable apparel and accessories is significant — and will be forever remembered, no matter our location or demographics.

Part of why this will be so impactful has to do with more than just apparel. Covid and the quarantine called upon us to be our raw selves and step away from a breakneck, uptight pace. The new mindset is inextricably linked to coming trends in clothing and accessories.


What Does This Mean for Jeans?

Comfort wasn’t discovered yesterday, as we know from the earlier athleisure boom. And while that trend certainly filled a void, we’re still in a situation where you can’t go to your local evening restaurant or house party in yoga pants. So, will people jump right back into their jeans as they always have?

Yes, but … manufacturers will likely seek new technologies in creating more elasticity in jeans, without giving up on style. They will have to play up the comfort aspect of their products, because branding will be critical to success.


Accessories and Other Apparel 

Other manufacturers will be wise to think about the impact of COVID-19 and comfort in their lines — from shapewear, to swimsuits and shoes (let’s not forget the comfortable shoes we were able to wear during the pandemic). This is true from the standpoint of new fabrics, materials, manufacturing techniques and patents.


Extender Belt, Behind the Buckle, Meets Sweeping Upcoming Comfort Trend

As women and men return to their favorite jeans, because of their long-lasting appeal, not to mention the investment made in them— many may be looking to the innovative, patented Behind the Buckle belt.

This product is the first-ever belt on the market to feature a hidden, removable extender behind the belt buckle. The extender allows you to expand the waist of your jeans one to two inches. For many, it is a godsend after quarantine, a time period notorious for contributing to a little extra weight gain.

The Covid pandemic was a shock to the planet, and in many ways, it has changed our lives forever. Perhaps a silver lining is the increased focus we will see on making apparel and accessories more user friendly.


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