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What if your favorite jeans could adjust instantly to slight changes in your waist size? It’s now possible, thanks to a virtually magical belt that adjusts your pants for you.

It took Lynn Taylor three years to develop Behind the Buckle, but it’s exciting to see the reaction to this new belt product.

We’ve all been there, especially after lockdown. Suddenly your jeans are too tight and you’re uncomfortable. For many, COVID fear and anxiety — and a lack of motivation along with it — have all contributed to that pesky inability to close the button on jeans.

Quarantine weight gain for men and women is well documented. But the joy of wearing your favorite jeans, after being stuck in sweats endlessly, can be diminished when you experience the shock of your jeans being too tight.

Not only is it inconvenient when you grab that pair of jeans last minute to go out — and they don’t fit — but tight jeans are just plain uncomfortable. They can cause stomach aches, not to mention overall irritability. On top of that, they’re a reminder that you now have to lose a few pounds to wear the clothes you’ve already invested in!

The undesirable and costly alternative is to buy a larger pair of jeans, but as we all know, weight fluctuations are common and can happen in a given day, not to mention a week, month or several months. And especially now during COVID.

Few people want to continually buy multiple sizes of jeans for a temporary problem. And being one inch off will likely put you in between sizes, anyway!

The easy to use Behind the Buckle patented belt is more than a temporary solution to expanding the waist of your jeans. It’s a game-changer for giving you unprecedented comfort in your jeans, denims and pants. Comfort is a top fashion trend and priority for good reason today. Many of our female and male customers use the extender feature even when their jeans do fit. They opt for it as a new, more comfortable (and beautiful) way of wearing their jeans altogether, as it adapts to their lifestyle.

After all, your wardrobe should adapt to your life, not the other way around.

For certain outings when a big meal will be consumed, you keep the snap on extender handy. Same for when you will be sitting or driving for long periods — or plan on going for a walk and need a little more give. If your jeans are feeling looser by the end of the day, you just remove the extender. Ah, the simple things in life can make such a difference! 

Versatility and comfort are the holy grail of fashion. All clothing should be this flexible.

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