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Fashion reporters at The Kit say that after a brief absence belts have returned big time. The disappearance was due to a trend toward the baggy, saggy and, frankly, frumpy look that dominated the runways several years ago. Thankfully, we have come to our senses and “lady-like” fashion has made a return with belts being THE accessory to put glam back on track. Adding to the return, Behind the Buckle has made it easy to add glamour, plus comfort, back into the mix.

To see how belts are making their rightful comeback, read: Are You Ready For The Return of Belting? by Liz Guber for The Kit. Liz states: “For evidence, look to newly minted trendsetter Kate Middleton, who can be seen here wearing belts on a variety of her gorgeous fashion choices. Plus, so many of today’s most in-demand clothes, from cool, re-imagined trench coats to boiler suits, simply look better with a belt.”

Speaking of looking better, have you checked out the various beautiful buckles Behind the Buckle™ has? Not only does BTB make your life more comfortable with its hidden extender (which changes everything), but it lets you be stylish, too. No more holding your breath, pinching your waist or skipping your favorite dessert just to look slim.

From an equestrian look to vintage, you’ll fit into those fave jeans again, stress-free, once you’ve discovered the secret … Behind the Buckle, of course. Shop now.

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