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  • Belts Are Back, From Equestrian to Vintage

    Fashion reporters at The Kit say that after a brief absence belts have returned big time. The disappearance was due to a trend toward the baggy, sa...
  • Jeans Stage a Comeback Over Athleisure and Leggings, As New Belt Offers More Comfort and a "Too Tight Jeans" Solution

    Jeans have pounced lately on their once formidable rival in a woman’s closet— athleisure and leggings. And dare I say, “that’s no stretch!” Long a mainstay in the wardrobe of any woman or man, jeans and denims have made their rightful comeback, in all forms, styles and colors. You can’t walk a city block without seeing denim jeans, jackets, skirts, shorts or dresses — in all shades. 
  • Has Casual Dress in the Office Changed?

    Even the once-conservative accounting and finance fields are easing up their rules. Jeans are becoming more mainstream in offices today, for example, and not just on casual Friday.
  • Looking Great in 2019 — About Belts and Diets

    How can you achieve a classy, slim look with just one accessory in the New Year? It’s about the belt! And with a few other tricks, you’ll be rocking a great look in 2019.