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  • Can Tight Jeans Become Instantly Comfortable? Yes, Thanks to a Magical Belt That Adjusts Your Jeans’ Waist Size

    What if your favorite jeans could adjust instantly to slight changes in your waist size? It’s now possible, thanks to a virtually magical belt that...
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    The global pandemic turned the world upside down … and in the process, it has made a lasting impact. Remote work, hygiene practices, shopping habit...
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    Have your jeans’ buttons socially distanced lately? Are your favorite pairs quarantined in the back of your closet because they no longer fit? It’s...
  • Look Good, Feel Good

    Your New Year’s fitness resolution probably was to lose those extra holiday inches by Valentine’s Day. Great idea to be fit and fabulous by the 14th, but sometimes those resolutions take longer than planned. It’s all okay, we’re only human…and Valentine’s Day is also about loving yourself! 
  • Belts Are Back, From Equestrian to Vintage

    Fashion reporters at The Kit say that after a brief absence belts have returned big time. The disappearance was due to a trend toward the baggy, sa...
  • Jeans Stage a Comeback Over Athleisure and Leggings, As New Belt Offers More Comfort and a "Too Tight Jeans" Solution

    Jeans have pounced lately on their once formidable rival in a woman’s closet— athleisure and leggings. And dare I say, “that’s no stretch!” Long a mainstay in the wardrobe of any woman or man, jeans and denims have made their rightful comeback, in all forms, styles and colors. You can’t walk a city block without seeing denim jeans, jackets, skirts, shorts or dresses — in all shades. 
  • Has Casual Dress in the Office Changed?

    Even the once-conservative accounting and finance fields are easing up their rules. Jeans are becoming more mainstream in offices today, for example, and not just on casual Friday.
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    How can you achieve a classy, slim look with just one accessory in the New Year? It’s about the belt! And with a few other tricks, you’ll be rocking a great look in 2019.