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Save your jeans

…and the planet.


The revolutionary patented belt with a hidden waist adjuster — that widens, tightens and sustains your jeans.

What’s “Behind the Buckle”? A discreet, removable adjuster that allows you to wear your tight and loose jeans. Get more mileage from your wardrobe in sustainable style.

Fit comfortably into your jeans, despite minor weight fluctuations up or down.

Renew your favorite pants, which is easier on your wallet and the planet.

The adjuster is hidden ... no one can tell it's there!

Watch this :20 preview of how the revolutionary BTB belt works!

What a clever design. No one can tell I'm wearing an adjuster!


Hallelujah! All my tight and loose jeans fit again.


I love reviving my favorite jeans, while doing right by the planet.


Comfort & Flexibility

Body and weight fluctuations are normal, and shouldn't have to result in a whole new wardrobe! Our patented adjuster belts add or subtract up to 2” to your jeans’ waist.

Model Wearing Blue Jeans and Behind the Buckle Brown Leather Belt

How Behind the Buckle® Saves Your Jeans and the Planet

Good For You, And The Planet

Buying new jeans every time your favorite pair is a little tight or loose is hard on your wallet (and the planet!) Our patented adjuster belts support wardrobe renewability and sustainability.

Couple Wearing Vegan Leather Belts Outdoors Made by Behind The Buckle

Our mission is to empower you with choice, comfort and sustainability.

Vegan and Cactus Leather Belts

We've always been about sustaining your wardrobe.

Now we're doing it in the most eco-friendly way.