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The patented belt that secretly widens the waist of your jeans!

Model Sitting on Steps Wearing Jeans and a Behind the Buckle Brown Leather Belt

We believe your jeans should adapt to you, not the other way around. Shop our patented belt and its hidden waist adjuster today. We make sure:

You fit into your jeans better, despite minor weight fluctuations up or down.

Your pants, jeans, shorts and skirts become renewable and eco-friendly.

You get extended use out of your belt, as our buckles are interchangeable.

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Hallelujah! All my tight and loose jeans fit again.


I love reviving my favorite jeans, while doing right by the planet.


What a clever design. No one can tell I'm wearing an adjuster!


Stop the Squeeze

Body and weight fluctuations are normal. Our patented adjuster belts add or subtract up to 2" to your jeans' waist for maximum comfort. No more squeezing, bulging or pinching!

Model Wearing Blue Jeans and Behind the Buckle Brown Leather Belt

Get More Mileage Out Of Your Wardrobe

Waistline changes shouldn't mean retiring your favorite jeans. Bring them to life and make your jeans renewable.

Model Wearing Black Leather Adjuster Belt by the Water Made by Behind the Buckle

Sustainable Style

Buying new jeans every time your favorite pair is a little tight or loose is hard on your wallet (and the planet!) Our patented adjuster belts support wardrobe renewability and sustainability.

Couple Wearing Vegan Leather Belts Outdoors Made by Behind The Buckle

Our mission is to empower you with choice, comfort and sustainability.