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The Ultimate Belt.


Say hello to interchangeable buckles and patented adjustability that widens, tightens and sustains your jeans.

Luxury, Comfort, Flexibility

Welcome to the most versatile and comfortable belt on the planet. Behind the Buckle is where all the (belt) magic occurs! Check out our interchangeable buckles and, patented, sustainable features that allow you to magically fit into tight and loose jeans. You deserve comfort and choices in life, so let’s start here and now!

What a clever design. No one can tell I'm wearing an adjuster!


Hallelujah! All my tight and loose jeans fit again.


I love reviving my favorite jeans, while doing right by the planet.


I never thought I could have so many choices, of leather color and material, buckles— all in one stunning belt.
Wow … I bought two belts and now I have ‘four,’ thanks to gorgeous interchangeable buckles!
I’m all about saving the planet, so I love how the Luxe Adjuster Belts sustain my jeans and the sustainable materials, too.

Watch this preview of how the revolutionary BTB belt works!

You Deserve the Ultimate Belt.

For Beauty, Choice and Sustainable Comfort.

Couple Wearing Vegan Leather Belts Outdoors Made by Behind The Buckle

Our mission is to empower you with choice, comfort and sustainability.